5 Best Ring Light For Video Conferencing & More

best ring light for video conferencing

The Best thing to use for VIDEO CONFERENCING is a ring light. The ring light is the most versatile, and it can be used for photography, video editing and video conferencing.

Ring lights are bright enough to capture the entire face of your subjects without having to worry about shadows or over-exposure (though you should always try to avoid direct sunlight).

A ring light is also useful because it creates a natural looking glow on every face that sits within its circle of illumination.

The lighting will look different depending on how far away you are from your subject but in general it won’t feel unnatural like harsh overhead lights do when used during filming or recording sessions.

What Is the Purpose of Video Conference?

 Video conferencing is an important part of business today, and it’s a great way to connect with clients, partners and colleagues.

You can use a  webcam or a high definition camera to make your video calls more productive and engaging than just having a phone call or using email.

Video calling allows you to see the person you’re talking with on their end as well as vice versa, which makes for more effective communication because it helps reduce misunderstandings about what was said or not said during the conversation.

It also makes sure that both parties are paying attention when they’re speaking instead of looking away from each other and being distracted by other people who may be in the room at the time such as family members or pets!

Great Lighting Will Take Your Videos to a Whole New Level

For example, you can use lighting to make your video look more professional or natural.

Here’s why it’s important that you do this:

  • One of the first things people will notice about your video is the lighting. If it’s off-color or dim, then they likely won’t want to watch it (or even share it). And if there are shadows on your face, then once again their attention will be drawn away from what you have to say and perhaps even put them off altogether.

Great lighting will take your videos to a whole new level. Lighting can make or break a video, and it’s not just about looking good—it also impacts the quality of your footage. Every person has a different skin tone, so when it comes time to edit all of these people together (whether you’re filming an interview or creating an edited video with B-roll footage), having consistent lighting makes editing easier by ensuring that one person’s face isn’t washed out while another’s is too dark.

Whether you’re filming yourself or someone else, using the best ring light for filming will ensure that their faces are evenly lit and look natural in every shot. A ring light around your subject’s face provides even illumination from all sides—there are no harsh shadows under their eyes or on any part of their body–and produces beautiful highlights on their hair and clothing without being overpowering.

Our Top Picks For The Best Ring Light For Video Conference

When looking for the best ring light, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Light quality. You want a nice soft light that won’t cast harsh shadows on your face.
  • Portability. You don’t want your ring light to be too heavy and bulky since you might have to carry it around a lot or travel with it sometimes.

Power source and battery life. Since most of these lights are battery powered, make              sure they last long enough for you to use them throughout an entire shoot without                having to recharge more often than necessary!

How to Choose the Best Ring Light for Video Conferencing?

Rings are the most popular and versatile type of light modifier. They can be used in both video conferencing and filming, but they do have some limitations. In order to choose the best ring light for your needs, you need to consider several factors including:

  • The shape of the ring: A circular ring is not ideal if you are looking for a more stylized look that cuts off at an angle or adds dimensionality to your image (e.g., flat). A rectangular or square shape may work better here because they’ll give your subject a more defined edge while still diffusing light evenly around them.
  • The brightness of the ring: If you’re using this ring for video conferencing, then getting one with high brightness will make sure that everyone on screen looks good no matter where they’re sitting relative to each other (i.e., no one ends up being too dark). For filming purposes, however, having slightly less brightness works better because it prevents any lights from overpowering others—as well as preventing reflections from occurring when multiple sources collide against each other at once!
  • Color temperature (or Kelvin rating): This refers to how warm/cool colors appear under different lighting conditions; its measurement ranges between 1000K-5000K based on where its tint falls within those limits respectively.”

Products List:

1. ACMEZING, Video Conference Lighting Kit

  • PACKAGE DIMENSIONS: 6.85 x 6.77 x 2.32 inches
  • ITEM WEIGHT:12.3 ounces

If you’re looking for a ring light that will make your video conferencing or video filming look professional, this is the best choice for you. It’s got all of the features you need to make sure that your videos are clear and well-lit. The ACMEZING Video Conference Lighting Kit has 5 dimmable color and 5 brightness levels, so no matter what kind of lighting effect you want on your videos, this kit can help you achieve it!

The ACMEZING Video Conference Lighting Kit comes with everything that you need in order to get started: 3 modes (color temperature/brightness/color), USB cable, mini tripod stand and base holder adapter. The various modes will allow users to take advantage of different types of lighting effects during filming or recording such as natural white balance setting which allows more natural colors; warm white balance setting which creates warmer tones; amber white balance setting which gives an amber tone; blue white balance setting which gives off more blue tone while purple white balance setting creates purple shade color effect on recordings/films made by user using device equipped with built-in camera such as laptops etc…


  • -Lightweight and portable
  • -Dimmable color and brightness level
  • -Great for webcams, zoom lighting, remote working, and live streaming


It doesn’t come with a carrying bag so you have to buy one separately

2. Selfila, Video Conference Lighting Kit

  • BRAND: Selfila
  • PACKAGE DIMENSIONS: 5.12 x 5.12 x 2.36 inches
  • ITEM WEIGHT:7.8 ounces

This is a great ring light for video conferencing, filming, and more. The ring light has three different color temperature settings (3200K/5000K/6500K) that are easily adjustable on the back of the unit. It also has brightness levels that can be altered between very dim and very bright.

The video conference lighting kit comes with two LED lights that clip onto your laptop or computer monitor using adjustable rubber grips to ensure they stay in place as you move around while filming or streaming live video on YouTube, TikTok or any other social media platform. This makes it ideal for remote working from home or any other location where you need high quality light but don’t have access to professional lighting equipment.

If you’re looking for an affordable yet powerful solution for creating professional looking videos then this is definitely one of your best options!


  • It’s easy to install and use–no tools required!
  • The adjustable brightness level lets you adjust the light output based on what kind of scene you’re filming.


  • The light can be too bright in some situations (e.g., if there’s direct sunlight shining through a window).

3. BAIVINET, Video Lighting For Laptop

  • PACKAGE DIMENSIONS :8.78 x 7.56 x 1.73 inches
  • ITEM WEIGHT:12.1 ounces

This best ring light for video conferencing is ideal for both professional filming and casual use. It’s very easy to mount a camera on this stand and get started right away. This brand makes all kinds of accessories including lights, tripods, backdrops and more.

The package dimensions are 8.78 x 7.56 x 1.73 inches (LxWxH) so you can expect it to be quite small when shipped to your door step; however, this doesn’t mean that the product itself is not good enough or not worth spending money on. The item weight is 12 ounces which means that it won’t take up too much room in your bag when travelling with it around town for shooting videos or live streaming events online!

This best ring light for video conferencing gives off a soft white glow that will help illuminate any subject whether it’s human or animal alike! The brightness level is adjustable as well depending on how much light you need coming from behind whichever object you’re photographing/filming at any given moment during production time (in most cases).

The USB powered design allows users complete freedom while using this product which means no batteries needed whatsoever! However if power goes out unexpectedly then there’s always an option available here too; just remember not forget about those extra AA batteries though haha 🙂

If ever anything goes wrong with your order then don’t worry because we’ve got something else planned instead: great customer service support teams ready 24 hours per day seven days per week just waiting around ready provide assistance whenever needed!


  • Portable design
  • Tripod stand included


  • Not as powerful as other ring lights

4, MACTREM LED Ring Light 6

  • PACKAGE DIMENSIONS: 11.42 x 7.48 x 1.57 inches
  • ITEM WEIGHT:1.1 pounds

The LED Ring Light 6″ with Tripod Stand is a good choice for you. The LED ring light has a white background, which is appropriate for photographing,videography, and filming, and it can bring you appropriate brightness and color temperature. The light source is soft and non-glaring, so that your face will not be distorted in the process of shooting. It provides more charming eyes to your camera or video conferencing equipment.

The high end aluminum alloy material makes it highly durable and waterproof, so you can use it outdoors without any worry about water damage or overheating problems as long as there are no heavy rains or thunderstorms around you during filming sessions!

It also comes with an adjustable tripod stand that allows you to adjust its height according to your needs – you don’t have to always hold onto the ring light if you’re using this product!


  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Easy to set up.
  • The light quality is good, with a wide beam angle that helps illuminate your face evenly.


  • The stand isn’t very sturdy and can be shaky if you aren’t aware of it.

5. JOBY Beamo Ring Light 12

  • BRAND:   Joby
  • PACKAGE DIMENSIONS:12.05 x 12.05 x 1.18 inches
  • ITEM WEIGHT:11.7 ounces
  • COLOR: black

The JOBY Beamo Ring Light 12″ is a large LED selfie ring light. It has the same body as the smaller 8” version but with larger LEDs and an extra inch in diameter around the light source. This makes it ideal for larger cameras, video cameras and mirrorless cameras that you might use for filming or conferencing.

The build is solid and durable thanks to its aluminum frame and silicone rubber grip which keeps it from sliding in your hands when you’re working with it. The cable can be plugged into any USB port so you don’t need an additional power adapter — just plug and play!

The warm & cool white LEDs give you full control over how your subject looks on camera by giving them soft diffused lighting that is flattering yet powerful enough to illuminate their faces even in low light conditions (perfect for conference rooms). The casing also has two separate switches so you can quickly toggle between colors or turn off all at once if needed — no more fiddling with tiny buttons under pressure!


  • Lightweight and easy to carry around (you can even wear it on your head)
  • Good quality construction, not flimsy at all
  • Comes with a tripod stand, so you can mount it on a table or tripod if need be.


  • The light won’t fit on every camera – I wasn’t able to clip it onto my Canon 60D.


I hope you have a great time with the best ring light for video conference and enjoy this guide.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be very happy to help!

Thanks for reading our article, stay tuned for more useful information about the best ting light for video conferece.

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